Dear You Art Project

Dear You is an art project, which connects children aged 4-15 internationally through making and sharing art. These young artists living around the world exchange art they make for each other while also learning about each other’s cultures and languages.  In addition, this project promotes self expression, learning to read and write whilst developing artistic skills.  

The aim of Dear You is to enjoy the process of making art and making friends with others living in all corners of the world.  Dear You connects students as well as teachers, artists and schools through art and letter writing exchanges.  Dear You art projects are thoughtfully designed to fit the multicultural, multilingual and developmentally appropriate purposes of each assignment.  A unique approach to creating a comprehensive curriculum has been essential in order to accommodate the needs of all the Dear You participants, which to date exceeds 1,000 students from 33 different schools in 17 different countries worldwide.   Dear You is run by Arlene Tucker and Anastasia Artemeva.  Tucker and Artemeva are artists and educators currently based in Helsinki, Finland.