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Partner School Science Program (PSSP)

PSSP is a perfect example of Global Friendship in action. Since 2002, GFTSE and the PSSP have been bringing together science classrooms from around the world, using a common interest in space science and space travel that is shared amongst all participants. Using effective NASA based learning materials and project based teaching methods – to open communication, appreciation, and understanding between partner school students that goes beyond cultures and language. The children are not only able to learn in an exciting and stimulating environment, GFTSE assigns “E-Pals” to children from different cultures. These E-Pals have the opportunity to make life-long friendships and memories, as students E-mail each other not only about space-related topics and projects but also their daily lives. This gives PSSP a unique multi-cultural aspect that keeps teachers and students returning from year-to-year, connecting over 6000 students from schools in the United States, Turkey, Canada, Israel, Italy, Poland, and Bulgaria since its beginning.

Program Components Include:

Collaborative project-based research working with NASA based learning materials.
Videoconferencing and facilitation provided through our new Digital Learning Center. During the videoconference session students are able to share their work and models with a Space Expert.
E-Pal Week, a special summer session at  Space Camp Turkey (optional)
Often times Special Guests such as Astronauts and NASA Scientists are in attendance at E-Pal Week – Offering inspirational presentations and small-group meet and greet sessions, time permitting.

The main objectives of the programs are:

To stimulate students’ interest in math and science through collaborative research and hands-on science activities.To promote awareness and understanding among participants about the different countries and cultures in the world.