Global Education Series - Films and Lesson…

Journeys in Film has selected quality, age-appropriate documentaries and foreign films which offer windows into our world, to the unique traditions, societies, values and humor of various countries, cultures, and even sub-cultures within our own country.

The films not only transport students beyond borders and boundaries; they move beyond lectures and textbooks to provide insight, transform preconceptions and prejudices, and foster genuine cultural understanding.

Middle School Series – Global Education

As teenagers develop emotionally, intellectually and socially, they begin forming world-views.  Studies show that these impressionable years are the ideal time to teach students about other cultures and countries. Today’s youth encounter peers from a variety of different backgrounds, including many multilingual and multicultural students whose families have recently arrived in a new home country. Seeing the world helps to dispel myths and misconceptions, cultivate empathy and acceptance, and nurture a deeper understanding of our common human experience.

The standards-based curricula developed through our program help teachers meet core curriculum requirements, teaching core subjects like math, language arts, social studies, and music, while cultivating interest among students in the world beyond what they already know. We strive to also develop competencies in topics which have become critical for students to learn more about – such as poverty and hunger; climate change; global health and pandemics; refugee issues; and media literacy.

Our middle school program helps students:

  • Mitigate attitudes of cultural bias;
  • Develop a deeper understanding of global issues;
  • Prepare for effective participation in the world economy; and
  • Make relevant connections between global, national, community, family and individual experiences.