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Social Good in The Classroom

There are more than 50 million public school students in the United States, and more than three million full-time public school teachers. This collective group is a powerful force, and has a unique ability and opportunity to create positive change in classrooms, schools and surrounding communities.

To help solve the world’s biggest challenges, we must encourage students to be critical, active participants in their local and global communities by fostering empathy, connectedness and cultural understanding in classrooms. Developing global citizens who are truly passionate about caring for others and our world is essential for them to be members of our society, and these skills should be integrated into everyday school curricula.

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Global Education and Equitable Preparation:…

9 in 10 students recognize that jobs are becoming increasingly international and believe they will be stronger employees with better understanding of different cultures.

The 21st Century student will sell to the world, buy from the world, compete with people from other countries, collaborate with people all over the world, and solve global problems.

Equipping students to compete globally is important, but cultivating their abilities to effectively share ideas and communicate across cultures is critical.

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