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Know Your World Initiative Hot Topic Global…

The Know Your World Initiative (KYWI) Hot Topic Global Dialogues engage students in discussions on challenging and thought-provoking global issues such as: the refugee crisis, land disputes, energy and the economy, and using real-world country case studies. This helps student learn how to:

  • Examine the impact of potential “solutions” to real-world issues from multiple points of view by answering KYWI discussion questions on WorldVuze from the perspectives of multiple stakeholders
  • Think collaboratively by integrating the ideas and perspectives of other students around the world
  • Think critically by using the case study information and global student perspectives to debate as a class on what they believe would be a “preferred solution” and why
  • Reflect on their own thinking and understanding when it comes to the complex issues they are discussing; they are making a decision with limited information and there is no one “correct” or “perfect” choice