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Student to Student Language Lab

The Student to Student Language Lab is a set of 55 multimedia Mandarin Chinese lessons featuring middle and high school students from various regions of China. The lessons range in proficiency level from Novice-High to Intermediate-High. The resource is free. 

CIESE K-12 Curricula

CIESE has been involved in K-12 science and mathematics education via the Internet since 1993. Since then, teachers and students worldwide have benefited from CIESE’s collaborative online projects. Specializing in quantitative, inquiry-based science and mathematics web-based curricula, CIESE uses the interactive nature of the Internet for their projects. Browse their collaborative projects, their…

Global Education Series - Films and Lesson Plans

Journeys in Film has selected quality, age-appropriate documentaries and foreign films which offer windows into our world, to the unique traditions, societies, values and humor of various countries, cultures, and even sub-cultures within our own country. The films not only transport students beyond borders and boundaries; they move beyond lectures and textbooks to provide insight, transform…

Learning Studios Teacher Guide & Project Library

In the Learning Studio program, learners define the problems they want to solve and design solutions to address them. Leveraging powerful technology, students engage in activities and projects that expose them to skills and concepts such as design thinking, three dimensional design, and social entrepreneurship. All educators can access the Teacher Guide & Project Library, which provides…

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Global Oneness Project Stories and Lesson Plans

They house a rich library of free multimedia stories comprised of our award-winning films, photo essays, and articles, accompanied by companion curriculum for teachers. Their curriculum, available in both English and Spanish, is aligned to National and Common Core Standards and contains an interdisciplinary approach to learning. They aim to connect, through stories, the local human experience to…


AFS-USA Teacher's Toolbox

Free lesson plans and digital resources for teaching Global Competency in your classroom. Topics cover: Human Rights, Cultural Studies, Global Awareness, STEM Education, Social Activism, and Intercultural Learning.

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Global Education Motivators (GEM) Resources

Global Education Motivators (GEM) works to compile up-to-date information about a variety of global topics, conferences, curriculum, and the United Nations (UN).  The Educator Resources section includes information about curriculum, conferences, classroom resources, and more.  The Global Resources section includes articles, tools, websites and other resources that will connect you to the…


iEARN Project Curriculum Integration Activities

The iEARN Project Curriculum Integration Activities is a database of lesson plans that align iEARN projects to the U.S. Common Core State Standards and Global Competency Matrix. The lesson plans were created by primary and secondary school teachers across the United States who participated in iEARN Projects. This is a helpful resource for teachers looking for lesson plans and activity ideas to…